PsyDuck from Pokemon has always been a childhood memory for many people, and it has reappeared in everyone's eyes because of the exposure of Shakeology and KFC toys. We hope to keep this memory forever and let more people get to know this culture.



Total Supply

Total issuance:1 billion

About Us

PsyDuck from Pokemon has always been a childhood memory for many people

8% Buy/Sell Tax

4% for later development
4% for public welfare undertakings


  • PHASE 1

    • * The Birth of PsyDuck
      * Designing the white paper and website
      * Setting up the Telegram channel
      * Pre-launch marketing
      * Contract development
      * Contract security audit
      * Pre-launch pre-sales
      * Launch on PancakeSwap * 2000Telegram member
  • PHASE 2

    • * Aggressive marketing and advertising
      * Increased social media
      * NFT Development
      * Dextools trends
      * Cex listing
      * 5,000 Holders
      * 8,000 Telegram members
  • PHASE 3

    • * SWAP Test
      * Marketing
      * Cetrik Audit
      * Cex Listing
      * 10,000 Holders
      * 15,000 Telegram members
  • PHASE 4

    • * SWAP launched
      * NFT Launch
      * Marketing
      * Large influencer promotion
      * 20,000 Holders
      * 30,000 Telegram members
      * Website Updates
      * Roadmap update

How To Buy PsyDuck

  1. 1. Download and create Meta Mask wallet on Google Chrome, IPhone or Android.
  2. 2. Buy BNB or transfer it to your MetaMask account
  3. 3. Connect your wallet to pancakeswap
  4. 4. Add CUSTOM TOKEN ID:
  5. Enter amount you want to swap, click Swap and welcome to PsyDuck Family.



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PsyDuck will be available for trading at PancakeSwap

In the future, PsyDuck will develop its own NFT series, along with SWAP trading.

PsyDuck will build an ecosystem to create the first NFT series through PsyDuck.

The buy&sell tax is 8%, which is intended to help the project grow over time. Part of the tax is used for the project's operation and part of it is used for charity.